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Unheard to Unstoppable

Our Services:

SMM & Social Media Ads

SMM stands for Social Media Management. SMM includes regular posting, maintaining public relation and making creatives for the posts.

Social Media Ads includes campaign management, optimization, Taxonomy, Tracking, Content for ads, Creatives for Ads and Retargeting.


There are 3 methods to reach on the top of search engine. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the organic OR free method of achieving the goal. We follow the best SEO protocols to make your page reach on the top

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a paid method to get the same results.

We setup paid campaigns on various platforms that shows your ads on the top of the search engine.  

Web & Data Analytics

Any work without its analysis remains underperforming.

Be it life or campaigns, analytics plays a very important role to get the most out of it

We help you to track the performance of Social, Search and Display campaigns with tools like GA4 (Google Analytics), GTM (Google Tag Manager), Looker Studio, Power BI and Tableau depending on the requirement of the campaigns.

We optimize your campaigns to get the most out of it.

Website Development

Website and Web Apps plays a very important role for any business.

You can boost your sales and analyze the results once you have a website. From E-commerce to service sector, websites have always played a crucial role.

Ardifai provides wide range of services from simple web pages to complicated web applications.

Creatives & AI

AI has made a big impact on the world of art, images and videos.

Creatives were never so cool before! Leverage wide range of AI tools and services to make impactful creatives that gives you the required results.

Be the trend-setter with AI and Ardifai!

3rd Party Services

Looking to other services like Financial services, AI Projects, CA services, Trademark registration, Consultancy, Contractual Hiring etc.

Having a single point of contact plays  a crucial role in smooth functioning of any business.


Let us manage the services when you are managing your business!  

Experience the new-age AI-based Marketing


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Plan your marketing journey with Ardifai!

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